Skerries Town Twinning Association

STTA was established in Feb. 1992. The current committee members are:- Peter Ayton (Chair), Geraldine McQuillan (Secretary), Stephanie Bourke (Treasurer), Brendan Friel, John Coleman, Carmel McKeown, Joanne Martin, Aisling Smith, Delphine Nicolas, Eimear Friel and Marie Stafford.

Contact: info@skerriestwinning.ie and Skerriestwinning@gmail.com

Aims and Objectives

To foster and maintain twinning links with the Canton of Guichen in Brittany. Last year Skerries celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its official twinning with the Canton of Guichen (Brittany). From 14-19 Aug. 2014 Skerries welcomed 41 friends from the Canton who came to celebrate this milestone with us. From 16-21 July 2015 we will reciprocate with celebrating the anniversary over in Guichen. Twinning is intended to foster friendship between people from different backgrounds and provide opportunities to learn about other peoples’ heritage, culture and their daily lives.

Over the past 20 years we have had at least one annual event in either area. These have ranged from school exchanges (primary and secondary), sports group exchanges, a choral exchange, conferences on common civic problems, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. There have also been some house exchanges made privately for holidays.

The Canton of Guichen is a grouping of seven small towns and villages which are situated about 20 minutes south-west of Rennes. It is very similar in profile to Skerries – part rural, part residential, growing in size as a feeder area for Rennes. There are primary schools (public and private), secondary colleges (one public, one private), many sports and cultural groups – indeed very similar to our own town profile. It is also quite scenic with the lovely Vilaine River flowing through it – very popular for boating/cruising as well as bike trails and walks along its banks. And best of all, a great welcome for all visitors from Skerries!