February 1992    First Committee elected following public meeting

April 1992             First visit by group from Canton of Guichen

October 1992       Return visit by group from Skerries to Canton of Guichen

April 1993              17 students and 35 adults visit Skerries – school links established

July 1993                First teenage sports trip to Guichen – 40 took part

August 1994          Official Twinning weekend – 106 visitors in Skerries

July 1995                Official Twinning weekend in Guichen – 120 visitors from Skerries

October 1995        First of our Gold Star of Europe awards – Dublin Castle

August 1999          French visitors come to celebrate 5 years of twinning in Skerries

May 2002               Second Gold Star of Europe Award – presented in Antwerp

January 2004      Unveiling of Skerries Twinning signs at the town entrances

August 2004         43 French visitors to mark celebrations for 10th anniversary of twinning

July 2005               30 visitors from Skerries attend 10th anniversary celebrations in Guichen

June 2007              Choir trip to Guichen for Fête de la Musique – 47 travel

September 2008 43 Return visit for Skerries Soundwaves festival

July 2009               Sports trip to Guichen, 37 participants

July 2010               Return sports trip to Skerries – 33 participants

August 2014          41 French visitors attend 20th anniversary celebrations in Skerries